South American Columbian Style Necklace Manchu Picchu Bead Jewelry

$ 28.00

Main Color(s): purple, red, yellow
Materials: Peruvian beads
Maker: unknown
Approximate Year: c1980s
Size: 26"

This necklace has what I believe are Peruvian and Guatemal beads, inspired by pre-Columbian and Inca designs. It is quite colorful, with shades of purple, red and yellow. The pendant is 4" long, and the chain, which has alternating smooth and textured links, is 26" long. The center of the pendant, which is made of resin, has about a 4-1/4" diameter. The necklace is in excellent condition, and will be shipped in a gift box. Quite an eye-catching necklace.

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