Pear Shaped Delicate Pendant Necklace Earring Set Vintage Jewelry

$ 32.00

Main Color(s): silver, gray
Materials: probably sterling silver
Maker: unknown
Approximate Year: c1970s
Size: 14.5"

This set has lovely pear shaped drops, both on the necklace pendant and the earrings. The chain is very, very fine. (I have never figured out how they can make a chain this fine!) I believe the set is sterling silver, but the surfaces are in perfect condition, and I did not want to scrape or scratch to made a positive identification. The "pears" measure about 1/2" x 3/8" and the necklace chain is 14-1/2" long. The earrings have the older style of kidney wires. The set is in perfect condition.

It will be shipped in a gift box.

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