Moonglow Bangle Bracelet Teal Brass Inlaid Vintage Jewelry

$ 24.00

Main Color(s): teal, gold
Materials: not sure + brass
Maker: unknown
Approximate Year: c1970s
Size: 2-5/8" inside diameter

This is a beautiful bangle, though I'm not certain what the teal material is exactly. It is iridescent like moonglow lucite, but under a loupe has a definite textured strata. I do not believe it is bone, however. Small brass strips hold it in (or perhaps the material is inlaid between them). Two of the sections have darkened spots on them, but that does not seem to detract from the beauty of the bracelet. It has a 2-5/8 inch inside diameter, and it is slightly wider than 1/8 inch. Definitely an unusual, lovely bangle!

It will be shipped in a gift box.

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