Limoges Style Foiled Enamel Mum Clip Earrings Cobalt Blue Yellow Vintage Jewelry

$ 0.00

These gorgeous earrings are miniature works of art. They have a Limoges style of enamel, sometimes called "painted" enamel. In this case the base is a foiled blue cobalt, and then the successive layers add a chrysanthemum (with incredible detail) and a clear coat is fired as the last layer. This technique produced very 3-D flowers, with sparkling iridescent blue in the background. (Such exquisite results are produced because the enamel particles are suspended in oil or water as they are put on the surface, before they are fired.)

The earrings have a wavy, textured outside perimeter, are rhodium plated, and have a one-inch diameter. They are in excellent, like-new condition. Truly one-of-a-kind, special earrings!

They will be shipped in a gift box.


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