Kiddie Kraft 14K Gold Pearl Necklace Earrings Child Set Original Box Vintage Jewelry

$ 49.00

Main Color(s): gold, white
Materials: pearls, 14K gold
Maker: Kiddie Kraft
Approximate Year: c1970s
Size: 13"

This childs set was made by Kiddie Kraft, a company in business since 1907 and known for its fine jewelry. This set has a genuine pearl pendant necklace, on an incredibly fine gold chain (how do they make them this fine!!??) that is 13" long, with a jump-ring clasp. The pearls on the earrings have a 4mm diameter. Both the necklace and earrings are marked 14K and with the Kiddie Kraft mark in various places (on the necklace clasp, on the pearl pendant, and on the earring fasteners.) The set is in its original box and though the box is slightly discolored on top, the necklace and earrings are in excellent, mint condition.

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