Japan 3-Strand Necklace Clip On Earrings Set Art Beads Vintage Jewelry

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Main Color(s): blue, purple, gold
Materials: art beads
Maker: Japan
Approximate Year: c1960s
Size: 13" to 16" + 3" extension, 7/8" diameter

This set has colorful art beads, in various shapes, with blue, purple and gold colors, some striped and some solid. Some of the stripe patterns do not go entirely around the beads, and I'm uncertain if this was intentional or if it is age-related wear. The shortest strand is 13" and the longest 16" plus there is a 3" extension. The matching earrings have a about a 7/8" diameter, and are clip-on style. Both the necklace clasp hook and the earrings backs are marked "Japan." The set will be shipped in a gift box.

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