Berebi 3-D Elephant Dangle Earrings Teal Enamel Animal Jewelry

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Main Color(s): blue
Materials: enamel, silvertone metal
Maker: Berebi
Approximate Year: c2005
Size: 2.5"

These wonderful earrings each have three pieces contributing to a detailed teal enamel elephant. There are silver beads between the enameled pieces, helping the elephant "move." The enamel is quite detailed, looking almost like cloisonne enamel. Though the sticker is missing on these earrings, I have seen the same earrings, in different colors, marked "Berebi." (Also, you can see where the square sticker used to be on the back of one piece.)  The earrings measure 2.5 inches from the top of the wires. They are in excellent condition, and I will lightly polish them before shipping. They will be shipped in a gift box.

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