Victorian Operculum Sterling Silver Ring Sz 6.5 Shiva or Evil Eye Vintage Jewelry

$ 47.00

Main Color(s): dark brown, green, silver
Materials: sterling silver, operculum shell
Maker: unknown
Approximate Year: c1930s
Size: 6 1/2

This vintage ring has as its focal point an operculum shell, mostly in dark shades of brown and green. The metal is sterling silver, and the ring is a size 6 1/2.

The operculum, meaning little lid, is an anatomical structure like a trapdoor which exists in many groups of sea snails, freshwater snails, and some land snails. The operculum is attached to the upper surface of the foot and in its most complete state, it serves as a sort of "trapdoor" to close the aperture of the shell when the soft parts of the animal are retracted. The use of these shells to make jewelry became quite popular in Victorian times.

This ring is in excellent vintage condition, and though not marked, tested positive for sterling silver. I will lightly polish it before shipping, unless requested otherwise.

The ring will be shipped in a ring gift box.

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