Vintage Brown Suede Petit-Point Tapestry Tassel Purse

$ 0.00

This lovely purse is brown suede with a flap that has petit-point embroidery and a gold braided tassel. The purse also closes at the top with a braided drawstring, and has a snap closure. It measures 9 1/2" x 9", and the base (which is solid) measures 4 1/2" x 9". The handle has a 3" drop. The purse is lined in cotton, and has two slip-pockets inside. It is in excellent, clean condition, and does not look like it has been used much. A couple of odd things, however, is that it has a "tuff" at the top and two at the bottom--looks like it was planned in the design but is still rather odd. Also, the bottom has an off-set seam (i.e., it doesn't go down the middle). Perhaps the purse was handmade? If so, they certainly did a professional job.

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