Spiral Swirled Colorful Round Lampwork Bead Pendant Necklace Newer Jewelry

$ 24.00

This beautiful necklace has a swirled, round lampwork bead with many colors including yellow, blue, purple and peach. It isn't perfectly round, but close, and has a 1" x 7/8" diameter, not including the glass bail on top.

There is one small air bubble at the bottom of one of the peach-colored swirls, quite tiny and unseen unless really looking closely at the bead. The light reflection makes it look almost "crackled" but it is not -- all the "bands" are smooth. I have added the chain, which is a copper plated "cross" shaped chain (and which says Korea on the clasp). It is 16 inches long, and quite beautiful in its own right.

The necklace will be shipped in a gift box.

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