Simulated 'White Opal' Vintage AB Necklace 46 inches Flapper length

$ 24.00

Talk about sparkle! The beads on this necklace, 12 mm simulated "white opal" crystals, have six "rows" of faceted sides, and the AB coating gives them a rich hue of (mostly) pink color. The necklace at 46" is quite long, so can be worn as a single strand or doubled up. There is not a clasp, but it is long enough to easily slip over your head.

I initially thought the beads were glass, but close inspection shows them to be plastic. (Actually, a necklace made of glass beads this size and this long would be uncomfortable to wear -- too heavy!) It could stand a bit of cleaning but is otherwise in excellent vintage condition. The pictures don't nearly do it justice.

It will be shipped in a gift box.

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