Glossary and "My Library" now added to the site February 29, 2016 10:15

This last week I've added two sections to my site, a Glossary (three pages, and cross-referenced to items on my site), and a list of  jewelry reference books in my personal library.  Both of these sections are highly informative if you are interested in vintage jewelry!

edited 1-14-17  I have removed the glossary.

Link to:           My Library

Figural jewelry December 20, 2015 21:23

I had a small store on eCrater called "Animal House Jewelry Shop" and I'm moving those items to this site.  Hence, there will be quite a few "new" listings of that nature here for the next couple of weeks.

Have changed the Shop by Designer page June 28, 2015 10:16

Because I have so many designer pieces here, I needed a way to break them out for navigation purposes.  I did this by opening up a separate "page" and have them listed there, instead of as a drop-down from the front page.  It is such a better design.  If I keep this up, I will eventually be an  expert at html!

My transfer is completed ~ yeah! June 13, 2015 June 13, 2015 19:27

After a month of solid work, I have accomplished moving my website from my old domain of Sharon's Vintage Store to here, and am now Sharon's Vintage Jewelry.  A much more appropriate name, since 98% of what I sell is jewelry, and most of that is vintage.  Blogging is new to me, and I hope to provide my readers with interesting info,  including more in-depth information on some of the designers, care and storage of jewelry, etc.

~ Sharon